This is a very cool idea that provides divers with the opportunity to contribute to marine conservation simply by sharing their diving experiences.

earthdive is a revolutionary new concept in ‘citizen science’ and a global research project for millions of recreational scuba divers who can help preserve the health and diversity of our oceans.

At the heart of this unique research project is the earthdive Global Dive Log (GDL), which has been developed in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme – World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), Coral Cay Conservation (CCC), and marine biologists from all over the world.

The Global Dive Log, is a unique database into which divers (and snorkelers) log sightings of key indicator species and human induced pressures.

Observations of illegal trade in endangered species can also be recorded, which are then passed on to TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network.

A unique point & click positioning system enables observational data to be fixed to specific map references and then searched and analyzed via an interactive Global Dive Log. These personal records help create a unique and evolving ‘Global Snapshot’ of the world’s oceans – that can be used by decision makers at every level.

In addition to being an international research project, earthdive is also an advocacy conduit for marine conservation. Each contributor’s name is added to a petition demanding action from policymakers to help protect our oceans.

Through earthdive, sustained action can be taken in a global effort to monitor and conserve marine life on this planet.

The earthdive Mission
earthdive seeks to become a premier advocate for the protection of the world’s oceans by harnessing the support of divers everywhere. We aim to inform and inspire people, organizations and governments to act for the protection of the world’s coral reefs and oceans. Our ultimate vision is a more sustainable marine environment with healthy oceans, diverse ecosystems and abundant marine wildlife.

Key objectives:
* To encourage divers to act as citizen scientists and record observational data for marine conservation.
* To create a unique petition demanding action to protect the health and diversity of our oceans.
* To create the first global database of key indicator species and anthropogenic pressures, recorded and logged by earthdive contributors in the earthdive Global Dive Log. The database will form a unique and evolving Global Snapshot of the world’s oceans.
* To promote responsible recreational diving through the earthdive Code of Responsible Diving.
* To provide a network for divers, dive centres and marine conservation organisations around the world.