Seafood Summit 2010 – Challenging Assumptions in a Changing World
31 January – 2 February 2010
Paris, France

Seafood Summit brings together global representatives from the seafood industry and conservation community for in-depth discussions, presentations and networking with the goal of making the seafood marketplace environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Seafood Choices Alliance – Seafood Summit 2010While many industry events offer companies networking opportunities to showcase their products and services, Seafood Summit is different. It is the only venue that connects large and small companies from a diverse array of industries with leaders from the conservation community to bridge the gap between the latest science and the reality of the seafood marketplace. Summit attendees include international representatives with vested interest in the seafood industry, including: fishermen, fish farmers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, food professionals (chefs, restaurateurs), conservation organizations, academic scientists, media, and policy makers.

What others are saying about the Seafood Summit:

“In order to have discussions or disagreements, you have to have both parties appear. What is striking at the Seafood Summit is how the industry side has become increasingly engages year by year.”
– John Sackton,

“I got a lot out of the Summit…sessions were informative and well presented with very few exceptions. The whole purpose of the summit is to find common ground and I think it does that very well. There will always be disagreement in the detail and pace but the broad objectives and priorities and in common and some of the innovative solutions are great.”
– Nigel Edwards, Technical Director, Seachill

“The breadth of attendees and panellists was very impressive, and the conference sessions were informative and thought provoking. Being a marketing person, I particularly enjoyed the many networking opportunities…”
– Carol Devine, VP of Marketing & Strategic Development, Australis Aquaculture

Tuna Workshop

With tuna a global headline news item and an important part of the international seafood market, Seafood Choices Alliance will convene an extraordinary half-day event focused on tuna. This half-day event will occur on the Saturday before the Seafood Summit, January 30th, starting at 12:30 pm. This event is open and is not limited to attendees of the Seafood Summit.


Seafood Choices Alliance is an international program that provides leadership and creates opportunities for change across the seafood industry and ocean conservation community. We’re about synergies and identifying creative solutions to long-held challenges. By building relationships and stimulating dialogue, Seafood Choices is encouraging and challenging all sectors of the seafood industry along the road toward sustainability.

SeaWeb, founded in 1996 to raise awareness of the growing threats to the ocean and its living resources, utilizes social marketing techniques to advance ocean conservation. By increasing public awareness, promoting science-based solutions and mobilizing decision-makers around ocean conservation, SeaWeb has brought together multiple, diverse and powerful voices for a healthy ocean.