Yarr!!! Traitor Joe is all fired up and his cannon is aimed at Trader Joe’s.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch programI love Trader Joe’s. I shopped there last night, had TJ’s yogurt for breakfast and spinach lasagna for lunch. I even checked out the frozen fish. I didn’t see any glaringly red list products – but according to Greenpeace, they’re selling them.

I have faith that Trader Joe’s will do the right thing. Apparently they’ve indicated that the issue is being considered, and even agreed to use Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch lists to help source sustainable species, but according to Greenpeace TJ’s is not making good on the promise.

So I’m sharing this with you so that you too can let them know that we’re not okay with the sale of non-sustainable seafood. And not because we’re “fish-huggers” – but because the future of the ocean depends on keeping fish populations thriving.

And, just for fun – here’s a pirate speak translator: http://speakpirate.com/