It’s kind of a freaky time in the good ole US of A lately. First, we have this bail-out plan brewing. That federal funds have to be used to bail out Wall Street scares the blank out of me. Then I find out watching the national news that half my inheritance was lost on Wall Street a few years ago. Seriously. But…life’s not all about money right? Or is it:

Federal funds [read: 25% of our earnings] spent on Wall Street Bail Out – $700 billion
Federal funds [25% people!] money spent on war in Iraq – Trillions
Federal funds spent on marine conservation – priced less. Not nearly enough. The ocean and marine life is this planet’s life line. Will overfishing, climate change, pollution, habitat destruction be solved before they reach crisis levels? Time will tell.

So in this time of uncertainty and turmoil, I thought I’d offer a little comic relief. I need some. My inheritance is gone (ok, it’s really half of my parents’ savings – to say it’s my inheritance is optimistic. But I’ve always hoped that my uber conservative dear ole Dad would one day understand my need to forsake money for a career in humanitarian and environmental causes and leave me enough for a nice walker or a comfy rocking chair to sit in on my porch that faces the ocean…..). I can’t find gas to get to work, I’m about to travel to London where it costs about $20 just to eat at McDonald’s…

Aaarrghhh!! Then I saw the above video :-)