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Join us for the first annual day of interactive science learning for underrepresented students, hosted by the Rosenstiel School! On the day of the event, the students will virtually visit marine science laboratories, see firsthand ongoing research projects and interact with other underrepresented scientists from a variety of different fields and backgrounds. Kindly fill out the form below to RSVP and register. We hope to see you there!


Schedule of talks:

10:00a – Welcome from Dean Avissar and hosts Ana Zangroniz and Shubham Mathur
10:10a – pH Presentation with Dr. Amanda Oehlert’s Biogeochemisty Lab
10:30a – Applied Marine Physics with Dr. Josefina Olascoaga
10:50a – Panel of Careers in NOAA with NOAA Scientists
11:20a – Shark Research and Conservation Lab with Trish Albano
11:35a – Climate Change with Sisam Shrestha and Kelsey Malloy
11:50a – What Stresses Fish Out? with Dr. Danielle McDonald’s Toadfish Lab
12:05p – Marine Pollution and Current Research in Ocean Sciences with Paul Wojtal
12:20p – Climate Risk and Preparedness with Kos Muse
12:30p – Physical Oceanography and Climate Change with Dr. Lisa Beal
1:10p – Sustainable Aquaculture with Shubham Mathur
1:25p – Numerical Modeling: Ocean, Climate and Weather Predictions with Natalie Perlin
1:45p – Atmospheric Chemistry with the Dr. Cassie Gaston’s Lab
2:00p – Fishy DNA, interactive fish coding with Dr. Margie Oleksiak’s Genomics Lab
2:40p – Seaworth Collective with Daniel Kleinman
2:55p – Coral Restoration with Rescue a Reef’s Maddie Kaufman and Dalton Hesley
3:05p – BIMS: Blacks in Marine Science with Dr. Jeanette Davis

Teachers and students welcome (focused on high school through undergraduates). Thank you and any questions, please ask!!

Ocean-related events and conferences of potential interest to the marine sciences community. Let us know of any we missed by leaving a comment or sending links to info@marinebio.org.

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