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Who has the longest gestation period of all cetaceans?
Blue whales
Fin whales
Pilot whales
Pacific white-sided dolphins

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Known predators of the Harp seal are:
Polar bears

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Which is a tool-using marine mammal?
Hydrurga leptonyx
Enhydra lutris
Zalophus californianus
None of the above

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The above is…
a Dinoflagellate
M. pyrifera
Asterionella sp.
green algae

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What is a Vaquita?
A species of Dolphin
A species of Porpoise
A seabird like a cormorant
A deep sea Anglerfish

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Which of the following do Seahorses not have?

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ProchlorococcusCastro/Huber: Marine Biology, 5th Edition :: Practice Quizzes

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