Seafood Watch ProgramMonterey Bay Aquarium has an excellent library of resources available on its website to help you get on board with the sustainable seafood movement through its Seafood Watch Program. They offer a variety of multimedia training materials including a DVD Seafood Watch Training Presentation and other materials that you can use to help educate your friends and colleagues about marine conservation and the importance of sustainable seafood.

This time of year is an excellent opportunity to spread the word as you gather with friends and family over the holidays. Use your holiday menus as an opportunity to prepare dishes with sustainability in mind. Your buffet can serve as a visual aid!

Monterey Bay provides a variety of reference materials such as consumer pocket guides for sustainable seafood, fact cards and educational panels for display to help you educate yourself and others about the importance of making seafood choices that are better for the environment.

There are fact sheets as well as full reports available to help you get up to speed issues related to sustainable seafood and recommendations for a healthy ocean and abundant marine life.

You can get even more involved if you’re interested. You can become a Seafood Watch Advocate by pledging to educate yourself and others about the importance of choosing seafood from sustainable, environmentally responsible fisheries and fish farms. Restaurants and retailers can get point-of-purchase educational materials and displays from the Seafood Watch Program.

Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch program will provide you with a Seafood Watch Action Kit, which includes “Thank You” postcards that you can leave behind at restaurants and retail markets to thank them for labeling seafood to help consumers make sustainable seafood choices and for refusing to serve or sell seafood from the “Avoid” list of the Seafood Watch Pocket Guide. The kit also includes regional Seafood Watch Pocket Guides that advocates can distribute to family, friends, and businesses in my community and Seafood Watch Fish Action Cards that advocates can use to educate themselves and others.

Seafood Watch Advocates are asked to complete a short email survey about their activities as an advocate.