I was reading through an email update from Undercurrent this morning — great publication by the way — which mentioned Amos Nachoum’s Big Animal Adventures. In May/June of 2007, Big Animals is offering an expedition to Cocos and Mapelo Islands (off the coasts of Central/South America) with Sylvia Earle — I would give my left eyeball to go on this trip! To dive with Sylvia Earle? She’s my hero! But also to have the opportunity to dive with a variety of shark species, including the famous schooling hammerheads of Cocos Island — what an amazing adventure.

Big Animals offers many other diving/photography expeditions as well, including some on terra firma to photograph tigers and polar bears. The expeditions sound thrilling, but it’s also worth a visit to the website to see the beautiful photographs by Amos Nachoum.

We don’t know Mr. Nachoum (yet!) but his philosophy is right in line with that of MarineBio:

Environmental Concerns and Action: a personal statement from Amos

“All human activity has an impact on the environment; the more so when we interact with wildlife. From the beginning, the question I have asked myself is: how can I minimize the impact while still pursuing those special photographic opportunities as well as sharing them with others?”

If anyone knows Nachoum or has gone on one of his expeditions — let us know. I’d be interested to hear whether they’re worth the money.