Poaching of endangered sea turtles is a practice that’s all too common. This and other stories are published on the Turtle Foundation’s News Page and elsewhere all too frequently.

When you consider that ALL seven species of sea turtles are in danger of extinction due to illegal poaching, bycatch, and threats to their nesting grounds – stories like these are even more sobering. None of these sea turtle species can sustain catches like these. The 397 dead turtles found on this boat were likely headed to China to be used for medicinal purposes – purposes that have no scientifically proven efficacy.

If the people of China and other countries that ignore the CITES treaty continue to consume turtles (and sharks) at this rate, it will be a very short time before these magnificent creatures no longer exist.


In Kalimantan, Indonesia, authorities discovered and stopped a Chinese boat with 397 sea turtles aboard. All turtles were dead – they were treated with formalin and stuffed!

On the boat were:

397 Dead Sea Turtles Seized
And it happens all the time. Just in March 2007 Chinese poachers were caught with nearly 300 green and hawksbill sea turtles off the coast of Malaysia.

For further information and other poaching stories visit: http://www.turtle-foundation.org/

Dr. Frank Zindel