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Marine Conservation Organizations Invite

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We would like to extend the following invitation to fellow marine life conservationists and scientists,

In addition to supporting your work by listing your organization on our Marine Conservation Organizations page (and in many cases, elsewhere on the site), we would also like to offer the use of our popular forums called the Plankton Forums located at: as a tool for your group to communicate your messages to thousands of people monthly interested in marine life and the ocean. Currently, MarineBio itself receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a month and our traffic continues to increase.

There is a great deal of overlap among the various threats to marine life and the oceans, and MarineBio believes that there is strength in numbers and the resulting collective wisdom. We welcome all suggestions on how we might help with this goal and are deeply committed to increasing awareness and interest in the efforts of groups such as yours. This is a copy of an email that was sent to all organizations we list on MarineBio involved in marine conservation. Feel free to forward this page to any organizations or personnel we might have missed.

We hope you join us in the Forums so that together we can form a strong united community working together to foster good stewardship of the ocean and the protection of marine life.

Feel free to post:

- Summaries of your marine conservation activities

- Announcements of new projects, important news, jobs, etc.

- Feedback concerning forum member questions/comments

- Articles of interest concerning marine life, research, conservation studies, etc.

- Suggestions for MarineBio to improve our online efforts (our success so far is largely due to the feedback we have received over the years)

Please note that we discourage posts soliciting donations etc., however please feel free to include a link to your site in any or all of your posts. The forums are strictly moderated and currently have over fifty thousand posts and thousands of members from many countries. When posting it might help to know that our members include high school students, marine biology undergraduate and graduate students, various professors, marine life professionals (e.g., from NOAA, aquariums, research labs, journals, etc.) and the general public.

Feel free to also email us news items to potentially include in our newsletters, our calls for action, our Ocean News on our home page or to include in our blog.

There are no costs involved and registration with the forums is quick and easy. We have been online since 1998 and plan to remain online indefinitely.

MarineBio is and always will be nonprofit and was developed primarily to encourage people to appreciate the beauty and importance of ocean life and to raise awareness of the many issues that threaten it and support the research needed to protect and restore it. To find out more about us, visit our About Us page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to learning more about your efforts as well and hope we can help you with your valiant efforts.

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