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The following is selected news concerning marine life, marine conservation, and other interesting ocean-related news from around the world. News specifically concerning the stranding of marine life can be found under Project 6: Marine Species Stranding Project »

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Coral Bleaching Worldwide 2010
Extreme Heat Bleaches Coral, and Threat Is Seen

Underwater Base Jumping Into The Worlds Deepest Abyss

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"With a decision on a proposal that will lift the ban on commercial whaling for the next ten years only a few weeks away, and the members of the European Union still struggling to find a common position concerning a practice which is strictly prohibited by law within European Union waters, leading European actor, Mario Adorf has added his voice to the anti-whaling movement by narrating a moving campaign film on behalf of WDCS.

WDCS has launched 'Jenny', a new 90 seconds short film designed to wake decision makers from their current state of inactivity and to call on the wider public to act against the lifting of the whaling ban when the International Whaling Commission meets to make its decision in Morocco this June."

Find out more at and do something about it here

It's still 11:59. It's time to see The 11th Hour. Rent it on Netflix or buy the DVD via Amazon. Please.

"BP has established a volunteer program and set up a toll-free number for people to call. When calling, people should communicate what they are volunteering for what areas they are available to work in. In addition, people can call to learn about the training that is required to work in oil spill clean-up operations. Oil Report Line/Volunteer Line – (866)-448-5816"

Visit Shark-Free Marinas and help reduce the killing of sharks worldwide and Join us at The Global Shark Initiative to learn more about protecting our seriously declining shark populations.

For Earth Day get tickets and show times at the official Disney's Oceans site

Pre-order/buy the DVDs with David Attenborough narrating | LIFE on the Discovery Channel
» Oscar winner 'The Cove' to become the basis of a new TV series

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» The Undersea Voyager Project | Jumbo (Humboldt) Squid | Giant Squid | Colossal Squid


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