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June 9, 2006

Raising Ocean Literacy: MarineBio Establishes New Nonprofit

Atlanta, GA. - MarineBio is pleased to announce its certification as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization by the US Internal Revenue Service. This will allow MarineBio the opportunity to raise funds and build on its success bridging science with conservation and raising ocean literacy through its online clearinghouse of information available at no cost to anyone with internet access.

The Whale shark, Rhincodon typusUnique in scope, MarineBio is committed to providing a wealth information for a broad audience from kids and students to policy makers and scientists. The cornerstone of the site is a database that serves homepages for the most common and endangered marine species. There are currently more than 8,000 species in the works each consisting of scientifically accurate and cross-referenced biological information and other facts, including links to the current conservation status for threatened and endangered species.

MarineBio also provides an online introductory “textbook” on ocean science and marine life as well as extensive information about the many threats to the ocean and marine life. For more advanced visitors, there is also a directory of links to relevant journals, databases, and other online research tools for marine scientists and graduate-level students. The site is also an excellent public resource for a number of daily news feeds related to marine science and other links to marine life-related news.

All of the information on the MarineBio Network, particularly the species pages, is beautifully illustrated with photographs and/or video provided by MarineBio staff or the marine life photographers who have generously donated their work. Since the site's inception, great care has been taken to provide a vivid multi-media experience to juxtapose the beauty of marine life with the threats that face it so that visitors are inspired to protect the ocean and marine life.

MarineBio further bridges the gap between science and conservation through its Plankton Forums, which are home to a number of topics and interesting dialogues between young people, scientists, conservation advocates, and others interested in marine life.

Although MarineBio will begin seeking funding to support the work, its goal is to have the greatest impact on the ocean in the shortest amount of time and will therefore continue free access to the site. MarineBio’s founder and director, David Campbell, stated “MarineBio’s goal is to connect, educate, and inspire people worldwide to protect the ocean and marine life. By providing an exciting place to learn about marine life we will hopefully be able to foster a deep appreciation of the wonders of the ocean realm and inspire the planet to embrace a sea ethic and preserve the marine environment for future generations.”


MarineBio is an evolving online tribute to all ocean life, marine biology, and marine conservation. Launched in 1998, the site currently serves nearly a million visitors a month and has helped create a community of volunteers consisting of marine biologists, marine life photographers, students, professors, and conservation advocates working together to share the wonders of the ocean realm to inspire education, research, and a sea ethic.

David Campbell, President
+1 (713) 248-2576

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