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Marine Biology Degree Programs in the U.S.

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The following is our list of all U.S. schools that offer degrees in Marine Biology or related fields such as Biological Oceanography, Marine Science, Fisheries, etc. Please note that most degrees in Marine Biology are earned at the Masters level or higher and usually require a Bachelor's degree first in Biology, Zoology or another life science. Many schools now also offer Bachelor degrees in Marine Biology but to be a "true" Marine Biologist be sure to follow through and complete your Master's or Doctorate (PhD) degree.

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Most links open directly to each school's marine biology program or curriculum page for your convenience (please contact us if you have any comments, changes or additions). Schools not found to offer Marine Biology degrees but that do offer degrees thought to be roughly similar to Marine Biology, are denoted with brackets, such as [Marine Science] or [Biological Oceanography]. Also note that BS and MS or PhD below may be linked separately to their specific program or department sites.

To determine which school is right for you, you may want to consult the current rankings: [link 1][link 2], but be forewarned that they are not always the best indicator of the "best" school. It is often better to make your own assessment based on the school's curricula, the experience of its faculty, and laboratory facilities for hands-on experience.

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Alabama State University BS
Alaska Pacific University BA, BS
Auburn University BS
Barry University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration]
Boston University [Marine Science] BA, [Marine Biology Program] MA, PhD
Bowling Green State University [Biology w/ Marine/Aquatic track] BS? [Ecology & Conservation Biology, Aquatic Ecology] MS, PhD
Brown University ScB, Graduate Program/MBL Partnership
California Lutheran University [Biology Major focusing on research in marine biology] BA, BS
California State University, Long Beach BS, MS
California State University Monterey Bay [Biology] BS, MS [Marine Science]
California State University (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories) [Marine Science] MS
Coastal Carolina University [Marine Science] BS, [Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies] MS
College of Charleston - Grice Marine Laboratory BS, MS
College of William and Mary [Marine Science] MS, PhD
Cornell University - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology BS, Ecology or Evolutionary Biology MS and PhDs with Marine Biology concentration at Shoals Marine Laboratory
Duke University [Biology with Marine Biology concentration] BA, BS? [Marine Science and Conservation] PhD
East Stroudsburg University [Marine Science] BS
Eckerd College [Marine Science with Marine Biology track] BS
Fairleigh Dickinson University BS, [Biology] MS or [Systems Science w/ concentration in environmental studies] MS
Florida Atlantic University [Biology with Marine Biology emphasis] BS, MS
Florida Institute of Technology BS, MS, [Biological Oceanography] MS, PhD
Florida International University BS, MS?/PhD?
Florida State University [Biology with Marine Biology track] BA/BS, MS?/PhD?
Hampshire College [marine science "area of study" - not on diploma] BA
Hampton University [Marine and Environmental Science] BS
Harvard University [Organismic and Evolutionary Biology with a Marine Biology & Biological Oceanography "designated pathway"] BS?, [Organismic and Evolutionary Biology] MA/PhD
Hawai'i Pacific University BS, [Marine Science] MS
Hofstra University [Biology with Marine Biology track] BA, BS, [Biology with Marine Biology concentration] MA, MS
Humboldt State University [Fisheries Biology] BS, MS
Jacksonville University [Marine Science] BS?
Maine Maritime Academy BS
Millersville University [Biology w/ Marine Biology option] BS
Nicholls State University BS, [Marine and Environmental Biology] MSNorthwest Missouri State University BS
Nova Southeastern University BS, MS
Ohio University [Marine, Freshwater, and Environmental Biology] BS?
Oregon State University [Biology with Marine Biology/Marine Science option] BS, [Fisheries & Wildlife Science] BS, MS, PhD, College of Oceanic Atmospheric Sciences [Biological Oceanography] MS, PhD, [Marine Resource Management] MA, MS + BS [Fisheries and Wildlife Science]: Online
Old Dominion University [Ocean and Earth Science with oceanography emphasis] BS, MS, [Oceanography] PhD
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey [Marine Science with Marine Biology track] BS
Roger Williams University BA, BS
Rollins College [Marine Biology] BS?
Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences [Marine Science] BS?, [Oceanography] MS, PhD
Salem State College [Biology with Marine Biology concentration] BS
Samford University [Marine Science] BS
San Diego State University - Ecology Program Area [Biology with emphasis in ecology and marine biology] BS
San Francisco State University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration] BS, MS
San Jose State University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration] BS
Savannah State University [Marine Science] BS, MS
Scripps Research Institute: Florida
Seattle Pacific University [Biology with emphasis in ecology] BS
Sonoma State University BS, [MS Biology with concentrations such as Marine Ecology]
Southwestern College BS
Stanford University/Hopkins Marine Station (undergraduate/graduate studies)
State University of New York - Stony Brook [BS Marine Sciences] [BS Marine Vertebrate Biology], [Marine Sciences track] MS, PhD
State University of New York - Stony Brook Southampton [BS Marine Sciences] [BS Marine Vertebrate Biology]
Stetson University [Aquatic and Marine Biology] BS
Suffolk University [Biology with Marine Science courses (Marine Science Program)] BS?
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi [Biology w/ Marine Biology track] BS, MS, PhD, [Fisheries & Mariculture] MS
Texas A&M University Galveston BS, MS
Texas State BS/BA [Aquatic Biology, Microbiology, Wildlife Management], MS/PhD [Population and Conservation Biology/Aquatic Resources]
Tuskegee University BS
Unity College BS
University of Alabama [Marine Science] BS, [Marine Science] MMS
University of Alaska Fairbanks [Fisheries] BA, BS, MS, PhD
University of Alaska Southeast BS
University of California Berkeley [Marine Science] BS, MA, PhD
University of California Los Angeles BS? MS?/PhD
University of California San Diego/Scripps Institution of Oceanography, MS, PhD Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, PhD
University of California Santa Barbara [Aquatic Biology, Biology, Zoology, etc.] BA/BS, MA, PhD
University of California Santa Cruz BS
University of Connecticut [Marine Biology Minor], [Biological Oceanography] MS, PhD
University of Florida [Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences] MS, PhD
University of Georgia [Marine Sciences: Interdisciplinary Studies major] BS, [Research or Applied Marine Studies tracks] MS, [Biological, chemical, or physical oceanography] PhD
University of Guam - BA/MS Biology - The Marine Laboratory
University of Hawai'i at Hilo [Marine Science] BA, BS, [Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science] MS
University of Hawai'i at Manoa BS
University of Maine [Aquaculture or Marine Science] BS, MS, PhD
University of Maine Machias BS
University of Maryland [Biology, Ecology & Evolution, etc.] BS, [Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences] MS, PhD
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth [Biology with Marine Biology track] BS, MS, [Marine Science] PhD
University of Miami: Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science [Marine Affairs] BA, [Marine and Atmospheric Science: marine science + biology /chemistry /geology /physics or /computer science (dbl major)] BS, MA, MS, PhD
University of New England [Marine Sciences with Marine Biology track] BS, [Marine Sciences] MS
University of New Hampshire - Marine Program [Biology: Marine and Freshwater Biology option] BS, [Marine Sciences, see degree programs offered] MS, PhD
University of New Haven BS
University of North Alabama BS
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill [Biology with minor in Marine Sciences] BS, [Marine Sciences with specialization in Marine Biology/Ecology] MS, PhD
University of North Carolina Wilmington BS, [Biology/Marine Biology] MS, PhD
University of North Florida [Coastal Biology] BS
University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology BA, BS, MS, PhD
University of Rhode Island BS, MS, PhD, [Animal Science; Animal Health and Disease; Aquaculture; Fisheries; and Aquatic Pathology specializations] MS, [Environmental Sciences with specializations in Animal Science, Fisheries Science, Aquacultural Science and Aquatic Pathology] PhD
University of San Diego [Marine Science], [Marine Science] MS
University of South Alabama MS, PhD [Marine Science]
University of South Carolina BS, MS, PhD
University of South Florida [Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics prep] BS, [Marine Science with concentrations in Biological Oceanography and Marine Resource Assessment] MS, PhD
University of Southern California "Progressive" Masters in Marine and Environmental Biology, MS [Marine and Environmental Biology], PhD [Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography]
University of Southern Mississippi BS, MS, PhD (Dept. of Biological Sciences Graduate Program) | [Marine Science] BS, MS, PhD
University of Tampa [Marine Science/Biology (double major)] BS
University of Texas at Austin - Marine Science Institute [Marine/Freshwater Bio] BS, [Marine Science] MS, PhD
University of Washington [Aquatic and Fishery Sciences] BS, [Oceanography with biological oceanography specialization] BA, BS, MS, PhD
University of West Alabama BS
University of West Florida BS, [Biology: Marine Biology specialization] MS
University of Wisconsin-Superior [Biology with Ecology, Aquatic Biology and Fishery Science focus] BS
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater [Marine & Freshwater Aquatic Biology Emphasis] BS
Western Washington University [Biology with marine emphasis] BS, [Marine and Estuarine Science] MS
Wittenberg University [Biology BA/BS with Minor in Marine Science]
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, Postdoctoral Programs

Graduate School Directory for Marine Sciences (

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